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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Amaryllis School

When we lived near Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania, we often visited and enjoyed seeing the greenhouses. No matter what season, there was always something going on. There were usually row after row of pots to be used in the next display in the conservatory. Christmas season was always the best. Local schools and garden groups decorated trees using only natural materials. The varieties of amaryllis could take your breath away with their beautiful blooms and the sheer number of plants. I usually do a Christmas card featuring an amaryllis. This year I am not because I am having hip replacement surgery in a few weeks and just have been busy getting ready for that. Hopefully next year I will be back with a new card!


  1. Wonderful painting! Love Amaryllis - distracts me enough to get through the worst part of winter. All the best with your surgery and recovery. You will be doing waltzes and two-steps in no time. :-)

    1. Thanks! I am 2 weeks post surgery- doing well.

  2. Thanks Johnna! I hope you are doing well and have some time to create your beautiful paintings!

  3. I am behind with reading my blogs and I just see this one, hope your surgery goes well Libby and you are back into the swing of things in no time! Love amaryllis, I always plant them but not this year as I am down in Argentina for the holidays, maybe when I get back home if they are still available! Beautiful painting, as always!

  4. Thanks Marcela! My daughter gave me a new plant that hasn't bloomed yet. Hoping to paint it when it does.