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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Stars Aligned

I have started painting some on stretched canvas. This is an 8x8 with a thick profile with the edges painted black. This type ofpainting is meant to be hung without a frame. Painting on this type canvas has a different feel to it while painting, but I like it.I think back to the "dark ages" of the '70's when in college we stretched our own canvases and gessoed them.These canvases were pretty rough to paint on and I never got the painting in my head onto the canvas. The panels and canvas of the current day are so wonderful to paint on; I will never stretch again!

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  1. lovely painting, makes me really feel good on a cold January day! I agree with canvas vs panels -- feel like I'm painting on a couch when switching to canvas. Always nice to have a challenge ;-)

  2. Lovely painting! I paint on both but still prefer the way the paints glides on the panels :)